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We've left Tokyo behind now and are staying in the city of Sendai for 3 nights. Sendai really doesn't have all that much to recommend itself to be honest, but we're here as a base for two specific visits - the first of which was today to Matsushima Bay. This is one of Japan's 3 most scenic sights, and I've been planning to come here for over 2 years. So to say my expectations were high would be an understatement. How amazing then, that this fabulous place didn't disappoint!

Rather than take the train directly to Matsushima Bay, we got off a couple of stops early so that we could take a cruise around the bay. The weather was absolutely perfect as we cruised past some of the 260 different islands to be found here.

Matsushima is a very attractive little town, with quite a few restaurants and shops, as well as several different viewing points to appreciate the scenery. Plus there are three historic shrines and temples set in beautiful gardens where the turning autumn foliage made for some fab pics - as you'll see below.

All in all, it's been a fabulous day. The weather was beautiful for November and it was a really enjoyable trip to a perfect spot. I highly recommend you include Matsushima Bay on a Japan itinerary. Yes, it's out of the way, but it really is a most magical place.

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