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In less than a fortnight I'm off on my travels again - this time I'm returning to Japan. I absolutely loved it there when I visited last time, and on this trip I'll be seeing some amazing new places. It's pretty full-on, with quite a lot of travelling around by train but we had a lot that we wanted to pack in. As well as returning to Tokyo and Hakone and Mount Fuji we'll be visiting Yudanaka and the famous snow monkeys, Yamadera Temple (1000 steps!), Matsushima Bay, the Japanese Alps, staying in Buddhist temple lodgings on Mount Koya and spending time on the amazing art island of Naoshima.

We're throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into the quirky culture of Japan. We'll be taking a Taiko Drumming class, visiting an amazing digital museum, designing our own Maneki Neko cats in a special cafe, seeing an artist create 3d sculptures in cafe latte and doing a workshop where we'll get to make a number of different Japanese dishes from wax!

We've chosen this time of year because it should be peak time to see the glorious colours of the autumn foliage. All sounds like great fun, doesn't it. I'll be posting photos of my travels here - so watch this space.


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