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These 2 separate islands are twinned because they're so close together. Both have the palm-fringed, white-sand beaches and laid-back ambiance you’d expect from any Caribbean island holiday.

Special Places

On both islands there are crumbling British forts, granite churches and 18th-century sugar plantations. And there are some special places to stay, from plantation inns to organic farms.

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St Kitts

The larger island of St Kitts has jungle-clad volcanic peaks edged with long strips of silvery volcanic sand.


The quieter island of Nevis still has plantation homes and the remains of a British fort. There's also the Montpellier Estate- now an exclusive hotel, but originally the home of Admiral Lord Nelson.



You could decide to spend your days simply relaxing on the beach - but if you're looking for a more active holiday, you can walk the jungle trails or do some island-hopping farther across the Caribbean. With flights often involving a touchdown in Antigua, this would be a great island to combine with a holiday to St Kitts or Nevis.


Take a ride on Saint Kitts’s scenic railway which travels around the eastern part of the island - passing across deep ravines on steel bridges and surrounded by dark green rainforest.

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