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If you’re looking for a holiday with variety, Sri Lanka has it all. Endless white sand beaches, 8 UNESCO world heritage sites, welcoming people, national parks with elephants, leopards, crocodiles and sloth bears, the spectacular landscapes of tea country all capped off with utterly delicious food.

Seeing the Island

With  distances quite short, it’s possible to see quite a bit of the island on a 2-week trip without rushing around. One of the best ways to travel around is in a private car with driver/guide. It’s good value and it gives you the flexibility to take your time and tweak your itinerary as you see fit.

Cultural Triangle

If you're interested in history and ancient sites, you shouldn't miss the Cultural Triangle. Admire the hundreds of buddhas in the Dambulla Caves and clamber to the top of Sigiriya Rock’s fortress. Join pilgrims as they stroll the ruins of the ancient city of Polonnaruwa.

Kandy and Tea Country

Visit the historic town of Kandy (Sri Lanka’s cultural heart) and then take a (very) slow train up to hill country. It’s a really scenic journey passing waterfalls and tea plantations.

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Sri Lanka is blessed with numerous palm-fringed beaches all around the island. I’d recommend spending time in Galle where there’s not only a beautiful beach but the city itself is very attractive with its fortified walls and an old town full of boutiques and restaurants.



I really enjoyed my trip to Sri Lanka. It's hard to beat as a destination offering a combination of historic sites and beautiful landscapes with lovely scenery. And if you’re looking to end your tour with a few days at the beach, there are some lovely hotels to choose from.


Try an Egg Hopper for breakfast - a bowl-shaped crispy pancake with a fried egg inside – absolutely delicious.

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