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This beautiful island offers crystal-blue turquoise coves, white-sand beaches, historic ruins, and a rugged rural interior where time seems to move more slowly.

Unique Culture

The local language, Sardo, is largely unintelligible to Italian speakers. With its contrasting scenery to its distinctive cuisine Sardinia is a world apart from mainland Italy.

An Island of Two Halves

Sardinia's probably larger than you imagine – it’s Europe’s second largest island and 270 kilometres from North to South. You’ll need to decide between the two areas – both are served by different airports.

The North

The North is home to the Costa Smeralda, renowned for its celebrity guests and high-end luxury - but you’ll also find beautiful and intimate coves as well as caves, islands and a dramatic interior.

The South

The South is where you’ll find Cagliari – the Sardinian capital, and well worth a visit. Though lacking the drama of the Northern half of the Island, Southern Sardinia has more long sandy beaches that are less crowded than the North, even in high season.



Sardinia's fiercely independent culture makes it feel like another world. It's a great choice if you're looking for a destination that's less visited by UK tourists.


Cala Goloritze Beach on the East Coast – it’s an absolutely beautiful spot and one of Sardinia’s most famous beaches.

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