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If you're dreaming of a first-time safari holiday, then both Tanzania and Kenya should be high up on your list of possible destinations as both countries have amazing wildife. A safari to either country would offer numerous opportunities to see the Big Five. I thought it might be useful to compare both destinations to inform your choice. (Of course, it's no substitute for talking to me about what you want from your holiday, but it's a start.)

Both destinations have their iconic national parks - the Masai Mara in Kenya and the Serengeti in Tanzania. And with their wealth of wildlife, neither of these destinations should be missed. In terms of the quantity of wildlife, Tanzania possibly shades Kenya. Partly because it’s the larger country, and more of the Great Migration takes place in Tanzania - so you have a greater chance of seeing the great migration during more months of the year. Tanzania has fewer visitors than Kenya, so national parks can be less crowded - but popular destinations on the Northern Route in Tanzania like the Ngorongoro Crater are far from deserted. If you're looking for a safari trip with fewer visitors, it's worth considering the national parks that are further south such as Selous.

A safari in Tanzania will definitely be more expensive than a safari in Kenya. Kenya is wealthier than Tanzania and has a more developed tourism infrastructure - with a wider choice of lodges and camps at the budget end of the spectrum. All this means that Kenya is definitely the best value safari destination. Having said that, there are some fabulous, top notch safari lodges in Kenya with all the bells & whistles you could possibly wish for.

If you want to spend time at the beach after your safari, then it's easy to combine a safari with a beautiful Indian Ocean resort. There are some fabulous beaches near Mombasa - only a short flight from Nairobi. Or Zanzibar is an idyllic place to spend a few days - and can be combined with a safari in either country. Overall, I'd say that Zanzibar has a better selection of top-end, luxury resorts to choose from.

I hope that's been helpful. Do get in touch if you're dreaming of that trip of a lifetime and let's chat.

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