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A visit to Oman is to experience authentic Arabian Culture. Perhaps the Middle East’s best-kept secret, this country combines unspoiled desert landscapes with beautiful beaches and spectacular mountain scenery as well as traditional villages.

Modern Muscat

Modern Muscat is a great place to spend a few days - it has avoided the over-development of some of the neighbouring states and there are beautiful white sand beaches overlooking the Gulf.

Jebel Akhdar Mountains

Outside the capital, there are ancient tombs, historic forts and hidden wadis in the awe-inspiring Jebel Akhdar Mountains.


In Nizwa, there's an impressive fort with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and a fascinating souq with exotic spices piled high and a range of stalls with interesting traditional artisan crafts.


Wahiba Sands

 Explore the seemingly endless Wahiba Sands in a 4x4 and then sit in silence on one of the dunes to watch the sun slowly set. It's a fabulous experience.



I really loved my visit to Oman – as well as the historic sites and spectacular landscapes, the Omani people are genuinely warm and welcoming, and the standard of accommodation is really high.


Time your visit to Nizwa for a Friday and you’ll get to experience the lively livestock market where goats, camels and cows are paraded for sale

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