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Open grasslands dotted with wildebeest and antelope, acacia trees providing shady retreats for leopard, and vast salt lakes speckled pink by wading flamingos: Kenya is everything you’d imagine a safari destination to be – and when you think of Africa, you’re probably thinking of here.

The Great Migration

Every summer, what’s been called “The Greatest Show on Earth” unfolds in the Masai Mara. Thousands of travelling wildebeest head across the river, followed closely by the Big Cats.

Amboseli National Park

Set against the backdrop of Africa’s best views of Mt Kilimanjaro, this park is best known for its large herds of elephants. You’ll also see wildebeest and zebras, and you’ve a reasonable chance of spotting lions, cheetahs and hyenas.

Maasai Culture

A holiday to Kenya also presents the opportunity to learn about local Maasai culture and spend time relaxing on the palm-fringed, white-sand beaches of the country’s coastline on the Indian Ocean.



A great choice for a first-time safari, Kenya has a wide range of safari accommodation to suit any budget – from the more basic lodges to bells & whistles luxury camps.


Watch the sun set over the plains of the Masai Mara with a glass of wine in hand – one of those perfect holiday moments.

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