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Over the centuries Jordan has faced endless waves of invaders, from ancient Romans to Ottomans and European crusaders. These empires have left ornate churches, crusader castles and desert citadels, as well as the amazing city of Petra hewn out of the rock.


This spectacular site is unquestionably the jewel in Jordan’s crown. The capital city of an ancient empire, carved from living stone and tucked into a hidden wadi in the desert. Walking along the narrow Siq, the path  eventually opens to reveal the famous Treasury building – it’s a truly memorable moment!

Natural Wonders

Apart from Petra, a tailor-made itinerary should include the Dead Sea and the spectacular Wadi Rum desert, where huge rock formations soar above deep-red sands. And if you want to get off the beaten track you can hike in the desert or in the Dana Nature Reserve with its hundreds of species of birds.


If you're a diver or snorkeller, I'd recommend combining a touring itinerary with some time on the coast in Aqaba - the coral reef diving sites here are amongst the world's best.



It's really quite easy to take in most of this country's highlights in 8 or 9 days without spending all your time travelling or feeling rushed.


Make sure you visit Petra by night – seeing the ancient structures hewn out of the rock by candlelight is a magical experience.

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