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India is a place that overwhelms your senses in the best possible way – nowhere else delivers quite the same barrage of sights, sounds, sensations as this continent-sized country at the heart of Asia. It's a fabulous place with an incredible variety of landscapes, cultures, traditions and cuisine.

Northern India

In the North are the snow-crowned peaks of the Himalayas and Rajasthan - a microcosm of India with its forts, palaces and temples, as well as the Taj Mahal. This is a great area to focus on for a first-time trip.

Central India

Explore Central India's National Parks where you'll find leopards, elephants and (possibly) the elusive Bengal tiger. Combine wildlife viewing with a tour around Tamil Nadu with its exotic temples from the Chola Empire.

Kerala and Mumbai

Head South to Kerala with its scenic backwaters where (amongst other things) you can take a slow cruise on a converted rice barge. End your trip in Mumbai - an unique combination of a modern-day city with Victorian Gothic architecture.



There really is something for everyone in this amazing country. Take a yoga class in Varanasi, search for tigers in Ranthambhore National Park,  or walk through fragrant spice plantations in Kerala. Let me design a luxury tailor-made holiday that reflects your interests.


If you’re in Mumbai, treat yourself to dinner at the Masala Kraft Restaurant at the Taj Palace Hotel. The food is delicious, and I’ve never seen so many different types of poppadom – it was a revelation!

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