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Comprising 333 islands (only 106 of them inhabited),  it's well worth considering a tailor-made island hopping itinerary to see different sides of this fascinating place. After all, you've flown a long way to get here.

Island Paradise

A holiday here offers the archetypal tropical holiday with swaying palms and white sand beaches. But there are also villages where you can glimpse a more traditional and gentler way of island life, luscious jungles and hidden waterfalls.

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Natural World

In Fiji there's some of the broadest biodiversity on Earth. And due to its conservation efforts, Fiji's famous coral reefs are among the most diverse and in tact in the Pacific Ocean - with over 1,500 different species of fish. So, divers and snorkellers will be in their element.

Warm and Welcoming People

The Fijian people are listed amongst the happiest in the world, so you can expect the warmest of welcomes and enthusiastic hospitality. Fiji’s world-famous “Bula” is more than a greeting. It’s the genuine friendliness, kindness, and joyful spirit permeating every aspect of Fijian life

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From natural attractions to cultural visits and adrenalin-fuelled activities, there’s no shortage of things to do in Fiji – if you can tear yourself
away from the beach.


For a unique insight into Fijian culture, visit a local village. There are even some villages where you can stay overnight.

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