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This small South American country definitely packs a punch, with an amazing variety of landscapes and places to visit. Most people associate Ecuador with the Galapagos Islands, but there's so much more to this country than that.

Quito and Cuenca

. The historic centres of Quito and Cuenca are lined with photogenic plazas, 17th-century churches and monasteries, and beautifully restored mansions.


Traditional Villages

Beyond the cities, there are traditional Andean villages like Otavalo - renowned for their colourful textiles and sprawling markets And there are remote settlements in the Amazon where shamans still harvest the traditional rainforest medicines of their ancestors..

The Unique Galapagos

Take an adventure cruise around the archipelago, stopping to snorkel in waters brimming with tropical fish and sea turtles. Stroll among sea lions basking on beaches, Watch the amazing birdlife - including the strangely-named Blue Footed Boobies with their strange mating rituals.


The Amazing Andes

Travel along the Avenue of the Volcanoes or experience the splendour of the Andes – the scenery is breath-taking.



There's so much variety in Ecuador - rainforest, cloudforest, the Andes, colonial cities and, of course, the unique Galapagos Islands. I was here for 2½ weeks and there was still more to see!


Ride Devil’s Nose train from the Avenue of the Volcanoes. The train winds its way through numerous thrilling switchbacks to a mountainous valley. It's one of South America’s most iconic train journeys.

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