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Although this country's recent past has been turbulent to say the least, things have largely stabilised now, and I highly recommend Colombia as an all-round destination.


This photogenic coastal city is distinctly Caribbean in flavour. You'll notice that the majority of residents are Afro-Caribbean, with many women wearing headwraps and dresses in bright colours. It's a delightful place to wander around with its variety of  brightly painted houses draped in flowers.

Coffee Region

This lush, green region has a temperate climate and is also home to the snow-capped peaks of the Parque National Los Nevados. I'd wholly recommend a stay at a traditional finca on a coffee estate where you can drink in the gorgeous scenery (as well as having excellent coffee on tap).  I really enjoyed my time on a finca.

Natural Splendour

There are plentiful options for getting close to nature in Colombia. There's the Colombian Amazon and the fabulous surroundings of Tayrona National Park . All this and the stunning beaches of the Caribbean coast too.




The Colombian people are exceptionally welcoming and friendly and the food is delicious. I really loved my holiday here. It's a perfect blend of history, scenery and local culture.


Spend time in Colombia’s coffee region and stay in an authentic finca surrounded by the most magnificent scenery.

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