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This amazing country has so much to offer the visitor. I’ve visited 7 times now, and every time I leave I’m always thinking of a return visit!

Buenos Aires

I absolutely adore Buenos Aires. It’s a full-blooded, multi-faceted, Latin American metropolis with different areas each with their own particular character, so it can feel like many different cities overlapping. I love its exuberance, and every time I return there's something different to discover.


This vast region takes in the Lake District around Bariloche, the Welsh colony of Puerto Madryn and the the awe-inspiring glacial scenery near El Calafate such as the Perito Moreno glacier.

Salta and the North West

Salta is a lovely colonial city with interesting architecture and shady plazas. And outside the city there's some spectacular scenery to be found in this part of the country with ochre desert canyons and gorges. Head South to visit the Calchaquíes Valleys and the vineyards of Cafayate.


Mendoza and the Winelands

Mendoza is in the beautiful wine growing region responsible for producing over 70% of Argentina's output. It's a pleasant city with wide tree-lined streets, plazas and avenues. Head out to for a visit to a few of the wineries. The green vines with the spectacular backdrop of the Andes  makes this an extremely picturesque outing, before you’ve even begun to sample the wine!

Iguazu Falls

This is by far my favourite place in the world. I’ve been here numerous times now and the sight of the thundering water never fails to take my breath away. A succession of 275 waterfalls form a horseshoe at the border between Brazil and Argentina – in the middle of deep green tropical forest. You’ll need to view the Falls from both sides of the border to get a full appreciation of their size and power. In my view, Iguazu Falls should be an essential stop on any visit to Argentina.



There's far too much to see in one trip - but with good internal flights, it's possible to get around quite easily to experience the contrasts of this wonderful country. And you'll eat and drink very well too. I’d suggest planning to be there for at least 2 weeks and limiting the number of places you visit so that you can appreciate Argentina properly.


Tuck into the most amazing steak at legendary parrilla Don Julio in the Palermo Viejo district of Buenos Aires. This place is so popular that you’ll need to book a table 6 months before your visit.

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